The Importance of AR Trend 2019-2020

The Importance of AR Trend 2019-2020

According to AR expert analysis, AR market will rise to 120 billion USD in 2020. There will be many industries investing resources in AR technology device suppliers and content producers. This will result in explosive growth in the next three years.

The AR market is growing rapidly and hence the biggest market for AR is mobile devices. It is because AR technology is already compatible with smartphones and users may experience AR content with their smartphones without the need of purchasing a dedicated AR hardware. On the other hand, AR is very convenient to be used in mobile devices, as consumers only have to turn on the camera on their phone to get the enhanced content.

AR technology is a new way of advertising and marketing. The retail industry has been using AR for the longest time: Virtual dressing room, with virtual furniture. Consumers are able to use AR to know more details of the product. Makeup, fashion and lifestyle brands can use facial recognition to assist in improving shopping experience. Try before you buy is basic for retail to use AR.

Apart from this, we believe that in the future, brand advertising shall not only be placed on a billboard or website but instead be placed anywhere in the physical world. This method allows consumers to learn more about the company and product information by scanning the brand logo or QR code. By using this way, AR advertising market is going to be twice as effective as TV advertising.

AR technology is widely used by enterprises. Other than marketing purposes, there are many other benefits. For example, AR is able to help enterprises to send real-time feedback during a service or repair, improving operational efficiency. In meetings, if someone is presenting information, participants can overlay additional digital information on the file.

Today’s smartphones are controlled by several giants (e.g. Apple, Samsung, Google), but VR is the difference, it has many open source tools to help developers build their own AR apps quickly. This will greatly release the creativity and flexibility of AR apps, as SMEs and individual consumers can try AR at a very low cost.

Although AR technology is still at an infancy level, it has developed rapidly and has many capabilities and possibilities for growth. Through the efforts of people, AR technology can now be better applied unto people’s lives. Now, we’d like to invite you to pay close attention to our new AR app “DREAL”, which will be launch in October. We believe that this invention will realize your imagination through AR Home Solution.