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Custom home interior right on the spot and see how well product fits in your space

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Instead of shop hopping, you can easily browse a variety of products and brands from the comfort of your home

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Keep life’s easier with DREAL AR home solution

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What is DREAL?

DREAL is Malaysia’s first AR (Augmented Reality) home solution application that allows you to browse a variety of brands and visualize products in your space just with your fingertips.
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Do I need to pay to use DREAL?

It is absolutely free of charge to use !

How long will new products and features update ?

DREAL will update the content time to time and new features in every quarter

Error to download, what do I do?

DREAL is available to download for both platform, which is iOS and Android. This APP is developed using Google AR technology, so most of devices required to pass certification in order to have a good experience with our AR application. Here are the list of supported devices :

OR You may reach out via email at


Your home is your infinite showroom

Effortlessly create your dream house

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Behind the solution

DREAL focus on research and adopting AR technology to transform traditional shopping into brand new shopping experience that allows consumers to “try on” products digitally before buying them.

Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligent

Stay your brand ahead

We are our partners’ virtual showroom, introducing their products to millions of engaged customers via our app each day. Shoppers are able to see just how our partners’ products would look in their rooms, then purchase the products directly from the partners’ website. By partnering with us, retailers can increase exposure to their products online and more traffic bring to their physical stores.