‘Honors’ at USC… Which Program is suitable for me personally?

‘Honors’ at USC… Which Program is suitable for me personally?

You’ve come this far—you’ve gotten accepted to USC! i am certain the first thing in your thoughts now is how you can challenge you to ultimately the extent that is fullest during shmoop academic essay writer your four years as a Trojan. Ok, ok, maybe researching Honors products at USC just isn’t the thing that is first your to-do list (you’re busy applying for housing and ordering football seats, right?) So, we thought we would bring the given information for you! Here you will find the details on two honors choices at USC: Freshman Science Honors and Thematic Option.

The Freshman Science Honors Program, or FSH, offers a rigorous yet experience that is personalized first year students into the natural sciences. Rather than using the usual freshmen year technology courses, FSH students just take an advanced version of these classes that have both an inferior lecture and discussion section. This fosters a more hands-on experience in labs, more individualized attention from faculty, and a more collaborative environment amongst FSH Scholars. FSH also expands beyond the classroom, providing possibilities for industry trips, guest lectures, etc.

Austin Carter, a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences, took part in FSH and says he initially applied because he ‘was excited about dealing with a smaller group’ and ‘thrives down collaboration.’ He definitely found that teamwork through FSH: ‘Through collaborating on labs or studying for tests, our time and effort brought us together.’ He also notes that an investigation trip to Catalina ‘offered an opportunity to really get to know one another outside of the classroom setting.’ For more information, including just how to apply, please check out Apply for FSH . Please note that the 2013 deadline is April tenth, and to be eligible, you have to be a declared natural technology major.

Thematic Option, or TO since it is referred to on campus, is really a program that replaces USC’s General Education curriculum with an core curriculum that is interdisciplinary. While not a humanities program per say, inside is very learning and writing intensive, so students deciding on this program should be ready for this sort of rigor. If you do not LOVE reading and writing, this program is most likely not for you. Like FSH, TO provides students having a smaller learning environment which permits greater conversation amongst pupils and faculty.

Aaron Brown, Associate Director of Admission, took part in TO when he had been a pupil at USC. Aaron says that TO ‘became a good way to shrink this big institution up to a more manageable size’ and claims it supplied him with an excellent community of like-minded pupils. Aaron states their favorite TO course ended up being Core 102 that he took his first semester of college themed ‘The Hero’s Journey.’ He says one instance that stands out is whenever class spent a period that is entire just two paragraphs of Heart of Darkness. Aaron says it had been a ‘wow, this is college’ moment for him. Aaron even got a trip to Disneyland out of the experience during his Core 101 course when they were studying Mickey Mouse as an icon that is cultural. He notes that as a freshman new to LA, ‘these were invaluable opportunities to explore this great city.’

For more information on how to apply, please visit Applying to Thematic Option . Please note that only admitted pupils are eligible to apply plus the due date is 10th april.

These are only two of the options that are many have for pursuing honors at USC. One could also receive departmental honors by completing a thesis that is honors their senior year. Please visit the following links for info on other honors programs at USC: Dornsife Honors Prorgrams, Viterbi Honors, Renaissance Scholars, Global Scholars, Discovery Scholars, McNair Scholars, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship.

Remember that even that you will still be receiving an invigorating and intellectually challenging education at one of the world’s premier research institutions if you do not complete any of the aforementioned programs during your time at USC, rest assured. Fight on!

I Really Like LA!

In the next couple months, recently admitted students, along side big waves of prospective students on the spring breaks, will be visiting our campus. Because Mid-March through April is our busiest time for site visitors, guests should make their reservations early. Please click on the following links that are helpful information on how to register for the campus see:



We now have invested the last few months reading thousands of files, we are very excited to meet all of you so we are primed for some student interaction and! While I’m certain that there will be plenty happening on campus, I wanted to highlight some things about this beautiful city that I really like. I’ve been residing in la for the last 9 years and there are still things I have not done, but this is a personal ‘Must See’ list that I’ve put together for LA visitors. I hope you enjoy!

1) Let’s Take A Ride: For my everyday commute, we take the Metro Expo Line to operate. Since its opening in Spring 2012, USC students are able to take this train to Culver City in West Los Angeles or to Downtown. I invite you to complete the same! Culver City is just a place that is great restaurants, museums and theaters. You will be able to enjoy LA Live- home of the Nokia Theatre, the GRAMMY museum and many more restaurants if you ride the Expo Line heading in the opposite direction. Right next door is The Staples Center, where the Lakers play ( plus some other NBA team that no one caresabout). From there, you can feel free to explore the rest of Downtown LA and all it needs to offer! There are three stops near our campus so it’s very accessible. The fare is cheapand it takes 20 minutes or less getting to either destination. Talk about a way that is great avoid traffic!


2) Why see the global globe, when you’ve got the BEACH!: I really couldn’t have a ‘Must See’ list about LA without mentioning the coastline! Venice is always popular with your visitors as a result of most of the social people watching you certainly can do. I prefer less beaches that are crowded Playa or Santa Monica, but whatever maybe you are into the mood for, you can’t visit LA without hitting the waves!

3) hear this!: our thing that is favorite LA is the amount and variety of live music you can expose you to ultimately. I love going to big concerts at my venue that is favorite Greek Theatre, to look at musicians like Jason Mraz or Phoenix. I can always check out up and coming singer/songwriters at places like Room 5 or The Witzend if I want to go for something more intimate.


4) an increased Rested Place: we had beenn’t going to add restaurants in this post, but this is a new favorite, so I had to help make an exception. Perch restaurant is a french bistro that is inspired in the heart of downtown l . a .. It bears its name mostly because it sits on a rooftop and gives you an unobstructed 360 degree view of the city. I highly suggest taking your loved ones right here for Sunday brunch with some live music


5) A Lesson in History: Olvera Street may be the part that is oldest regarding the town. You need to the Expo Line from campus and then the line that is connecting Union Station. In approximately half an hour, you are going to find yourself surrounded by historic buildings and a traditional Mexican style plaza with plenty of places to consume and shop. Spend a few hours appreciating the beauty that is architectural learning about its traditions.


I hope some of you reach visit some of those places and inform us just what you imagine when you do!

 Are We Having A Moment Or Nah? You've written the statements that are personal down that letter of recommendation, kissed the computer display for good luck, and finally submitted that college application! Yay! Now what? Obtain a seat and go sit close to your mailbox until April. Get acquainted with your mail carrier and try to bribe them with all for the leftover Halloween candy you still have actually saved. Alright, can we not? It is possible to do plenty of things to stay occupied while you wait for those choices. Applying to colleges is not any task that is simple. It's actually pretty challenging and can be draining. We get that so we comprehend you have been working extra hard. Once the application is submitted, let us do our thang and progress to know whom you are. It does just take us a while to get through the many applications we receive. Since we do read every single one, you'll be hearing from us around April 1st. There's a great deal you can now do between and then. I know you're already thinking in regards to the aid that is financial, so We won't go into that right now. I shall get into reminding you that you're a senior in senior school! It is the right time to start enjoying your year that is last in school and getting back once again to the things that you put on the back burner for those college apps. Keep in mind once you and your friends were planning to choreograph that flashmob promposal? Or how about that play you really wanted to test away for at school? You did not ignore any particular one cutie you've always possessed a crush on right? You told yourself you'd finally work up the courage to ask for their Snapchat-do it! Of course, you still have many assignments to complete and duties to manage but never forget to savor the enjoyable stuff that senior has to offer year. This might be a time for you to the office hard, strengthen your relationships with family and buddies, build new relationships, and mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead. It's simple to get overwhelmed as soon as you start thinking about what's going to happen after graduation-I understand the feeling all too well. Well let's scale back for minute and think about the present. We promise you that everything will be fine after graduation. Life has a funny way of working itself out and you should accept that and try to savor each moment. Inhale….exhale….let's start enjoying the moment at hand. Umm IDK Just What are you going to be whenever you grow up? What are you wanting to study in college? Exactly What task are you going to get after you graduate? They are the types of questions that you could be hearing from many each person in yourself. Can it be stressing you out? I understand for darn sure it had been the most part that is stressful the college process when I was at the thick of it. Now, the individuals whom are asking these questions mean well, also like they are all up in your business sometimes if it feels. I understand you are able to express your own voice that you have to walk that fine line between understanding that and making sure. Are you perhaps not sure what you're likely to be whenever you grow up? Have you been maybe not yes what you want to study in college? Are you not sure what you are actually going to do after you graduate college? Now, read carefully….IT IS OK! In the event that you are not sure about the future, do not worry. That you don't have to know exactly what you desire to be when you develop yet. You lack to pick what to learn in college yet. There is no need to focus on what's going to take place after you graduate from college yet. While these questions have good intentions, they shift your focus on the end result as opposed to the journey. Going to college is focused on the development that you encounter throughout the journey. Yes, college will teach you some amazing skills to get you to a great and well-rounded scholar to include value to any company you decide to share your talents with. College will even make yes it is possible to manage challenges with elegance, realize the many types of personalities which exist, and provide you with the confidence to navigate your self in this world. The only path it will be possible to soak up those perks is if you let your self. You will miss all of those opportunities to enjoy the journey when you start focusing so much on the end result. My advice on handling those tough questions you are battling them internally is simply understand that everything will work out whether they are coming from others or. It may be hard to wrap your head around that, but believe me when I say that I know how you feel. I experienced all of those questions plus it was frustrating to answer them whenever i did so not understand the answer myself. I realized that once I started trusting what life had to offer, I ended up being much more prepared to battle possibilities that permitted me to uncover the answers. Me Personally Time? You're stressed, over worked and simply wish to sleep in. It's the time of where your calendar is jam packed with everything from school work to the college application deadlines that you've been dreading year. You are wanted by us to function difficult to manage your time and meet all deadlines. However, sometimes you may need to concentrate on 'me time.' You are most likely wondering what 'me time' is. Well, it is a personal time you set aside to regroup, refocus, and relax all on your own. 'i have no right time for myself, Sanjeev! Colleges won't accept me personally when they know we was being lazy!' Just inhale, you'll be fine. Numerous, very formal studies have shown that taking time on your own to do something you love can help to make you more productive in all of the tasks. I'm an unofficial researcher on this topic, so I've done many studies if it really helps and the results show that it does on me time to see! Once I was in college, I packed any free time in my schedule with something to do. Whether I ended up being doing homework, reading, studying, working, volunteering, I ended up being always busy. Now, do not get me wrong, I'm busier than ever but I discovered the trick not to losing my brain. I devote some time for myself to get make a move that I want to do and I do so without any help. Often times, I explore nature or spend hours in a thrift store searching through 'grandma clothes' as my mother calls it and just being relaxed by it. I also want to cook, and so I can spend an entire afternoon preparing ingredients and cooking. Needless to say, we all have those fantasies where we would like to lay around and do nothing. Which was a concept that is foreign me. How could someone just lay around and never have such a thing to think about? Well, I attempted it one day plus it was amazing! It's such a way that is great rest your system and mind. Make some time in your super schedule that is busy inhale a small and take a break. Your 'me time' should be something you look forward to and cherish. It can be a small treat for working so hard and you also should always keep in mind that you need it. Also though my routine may be pretty busy still with everything going on, I make more of an attempt to do one thing to center myself. You need to look forward to your personal time and now have the same response as I do, 'yaaaaaasssssssssssss!'

Hopefully, you have visited the accepted place where we care about our reputation and won't let you straight down.